Dapple Grey Horse

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The rare Dapple Grey Horse is always a stand out, with their unique dappled coats and shiny manes & tails that turn white with age. Some famous Greys include legendary racehorses Native Dancer and Spectacular Bid, the famous show jumpers Milton, Gem Twist & Cedric, and the charming eventer Kiwi Avebury.

  • Patented hoof sole design that leaves horse prints!
  • Lightweight, fabric-lined construction is lighter and more breathable than rubber, reducing sweating.
  • Easy “click-on” tails that are detachable.
  • Kick plates on back for easy removal.
  • Comes with two insoles so you can remove one for continued use as your child’s feet grow.
  • Horse “ears” to help kids pull the boots on.