Chesnut Horse

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Our Chestnut Horse is a lovely reddish brown copper color with an auburn colored tail to delight and inspire all kids! Some renowned Chestnut horses are: the racehorses Man O'War & Secretariat, Traveler the foundation horse for the Quarter Horse Breed, and the famed Eventer Charisma - 'A small chestnut horse who was golden, in terms of olympic medals.'

  • Design mimics real horse faces.
  • Patented hoof sole design that leaves prints!
  • Mimics the balance, flexion and grip of a real horse’s hoof.
  • Durable support and construction.
  • Easy “click-on” tails that are detachable.
  • Kick plates on back for easy removal.
  • Boots are lighter than rubber for comfort & wear.
  • Boot don’t make your feet sweat like rubber boots.
  • Comes with two insoles for growth, you can remove one for longer lasting wear as child’s foot grows.
  • Horse “ears” to help kids pull on boots.