HOOFiTZ® Rain Boots is the manifestation of a childhood dream. When we were kids we galloped around and jumped logs and stick jumps with our friends, wishing to have a horse, and even imagining being real horses. It was joyous freedom with not a care in the world!

Fast forward to today: As I looked around for things to put my energy into and contribute in a positive way, I wondered how I could inspire the same feelings and imagination in people and the children of today’s day and age. In my daily life while leading horses back and forth from the pastures, I noticed my prints next to the horses prints and thought “wouldn’t that be neat if I could make hoof prints…what would it be like to be a horse?” This brought me back to reminiscing about those wonderful childhood memories with an idea for a product, and from there HOOFiTZ® was born.

We are a small group of dedicated people who came together to bring these quality, happy, health promoting products to life.

We hope you enjoy!


"I noticed my prints next to the horse’s prints and thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be neat if I could make hoof prints?'"