Horse Rain Boots for Women & Children

The Original HOOFiTZ® Horse Rain Boots for Women and Children are in full gallop online!

We want to spark your kid's imagination!

Rain Boots for Children

For kids who don’t just want to own a pony but would like to be one, introducing The ORIGINAL HOOFiTZ® HORSE RAIN BOOTS, with a unique sole that leaves hoof prints! As an antidote to couch-potato-hood, these boots are fun to wear, encouraging youngsters to get up, go out and horse around!

The children’s rain boots have colorings and markings that mimic real horse faces with built in pull on tabs that resemble horse ears. The kids pairs come with one flat and one curved insole, so when the child grows, you can remove the flat insole and use the boots for longer period before they’re outgrown – a nice value added feature.

Rain Boots for Women

HOOFiTZ® rain boots for women are made taller and have a print motif in three equestrian sport designs. Choose either Western/Rodeo, Foxhunting, or an Eventing theme for your boots. These designer looking boots come with a tempurpedic type comfort anti-bacterial insole and faux leather piping on top of a streamlined calf-comfort design. Comfort and upscale design is key.

Hoof Sole Design

The unique patented design of the sole mimics the balance, flexion, and grip of a real horse’s hoof. The functional component of the hoof promotes traction and self cleans dirt and mud out of the sole. The boots are comfortable as well as long-wearing.

Styles and Colors for Everyone

Spring and traditional colors of Lilac, Teal, Red, Gold, Sage Green, Monaco Blue and Forrest Green complete the array of Women’s Equestrian Designs.

With the children’s designs, you can choose from real horse colors of Bay, Palomino, Chestnut and Dapple Gray. Visit the website and learn about famous horses with these color traits!

Detachable Tails, Comfortable Inserts

Extra tails and inserts can be purchased on the site as well.

Come join the herd and get your pair today!