How HOOFiTZ Was Started

To Spread Joy

HOOFiTZ Rain Boots are the manifestation of a childhood dream. When we were kids we galloped around outside, wishing to have or even BE a horse. It was pure joy and freedom!

Thinking back on it, I wanted to inspire the same joy and imagination in others -- children and adults alike.

One day while leading horses back from the pastures, I noticed my footprints next to theirs and thought, “Wouldn’t it be neat if I could make hoof prints…?”

HOOFiTZ® was born.

Not Just Another Rain Boot

Italian Shoemaking In Every Pair

When we began making our dream into reality, we did not want to make a boot that merely looked nice -- we wanted it to be comfortable, functional, and long-lasting, too.

Our creative journey first took us to Italy, where the fitting, styling, moulds, and designs come from.

PVC Material Performs Better

Hard-to-find Materials!

In our search for the best materials for the best boots, we discovered that PVC plastic was far superior to rubber. Your feet sweat less, the shoes are lighter, and they last longer.

The only problem is...almost no factories are set up to make shoes from this material, except in China. 

While we originally hoped to make our boots as close to home as possible, we wanted to focus on quality first and once we reach scale, we can look at ways to bring the business home.

Our First Shows

Meeting Customers Face to Face

Before launching our online sales, social media, or distributing through retailers across the country, we spent months traveling to equestrian shows and events to meet YOU -- our customers!

We wanted to see people's faces as they tried on our boots for the first time. We wanted to know what questions you would have. We wanted to know we had succeeded in creating the best product possible.

Steady As She Goes

Growing, One Pair At A Time

We formally launched our nationwide e-commerce and social media presence in April 2018. 

We've auditioned for Shark Tank and were even called back a second time!

We're ready to grow, and we truly appreciate each and every customer relationship we are given the chance to develop.


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